Two new updates for everyone.

1) I am moving this blog to Live.Laugh.Love: Scrap It!

2) The ladies @ are up to it again! We are releasing another blog train! This one is birthday related & all news is on my new blog. You don’t want to miss out on these freebies!! Check it out!!


Here is a new mini kit for you guys :). It’s nothing fancy, I am getting back into designing after my short break lol. I hope you enjoy and remember..comments are always appreciated 🙂 I hope you enjoy!!

Get it HERE

Included Are:
5 Patterned Papers
1 Blue & White Alpha Set
1 Set of Various Snowflakes
1 Blue Button
1 Circle Text [Silver Bells Lyrics]
1 Snowman embellishment
1 Snowflake sticker
1 Tri-frame w/ snowflake embellishment
1 Doodle

So where have I been lately? Well my husband is BACK from IRAQ!! I am so happy and blessed. We are moving into our new house in San Antonio on the 17th & 18th!! Soooo I plan to get back into designing sometime next week when my husband goes back to work (boooo).

Plus, I got an award from Colleen! Here site rocks [check it out!] Colleen Scraps in my blog roll.


It’s in Spanish, but it translates to highlight blogs that are pleasing or special in some way, and also to extend the hand of friendship around the world. There is a rule, when you get this award you have to give it to 8 other blogs. I’ll post what sites I am giving it to when I have a free moment :D!

So check back next week for a new kit!!

Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a good weekend! I sure am, designing some new kits for you all. It is pure pleasure to create something from scratch. It is also therapuetic and relaxing. Not to mention, it helps pass the time. I can’t believe we are down to just about 27 days! Yikes…I so can’t wait for my husband to come home. I know he is tired from being in Iraq and is ready for a nice beer lol. Well i hope you all have a great weekend and don’t forget to check back for my new kit, Just A Boy!!

I told you guys I was on a roll lol. Joey decided to be good and go to bed on time tonight, and I found myself w/ some time to create! Woohoo!! Plus – I talked to my husband, and that ALWAYS puts me in a great mood lol. So without further ado…duh duh duh!! Here is Spooktacular 🙂


Download HERE

You Get:

6 patterned papers

5 wire words

3 circle frames

1 word art sheet

1 black cat sticker

1 jack o lantern sticker

1 google eye sticker

1 set of journal strips

1 colored circle line

And here is a siggy I made w/ the kit 🙂


*Comments are appreciated! They inspire me to make more freebies lol*

It seems like I am on a creative roll FINALLY! I have to fill the time until Joe gets home somehow right? I am working on a few other kits [Just A Boy & Spooktacular]. I expect both to be out on Monday, unless something comes up. Here is my newest kit. I hope you guys are enjoying my freebies 🙂 The Olivia Grace Collection is inspired by my beautiful niece Olivia. She is constantly in bright pinks, blues, greens and purples!


Download HERE

You get:
5 patterned papers
4 square frames
1 circle tag
1 rectangle tag
1 confetti sticker
1 page of word art
1 flower embellishment
1 butterfly embellishment
1 Gel Dot Line

*Comments are greatly appreciated 🙂 Have a good weekend everyone!*

Hello everyone and happy fall!!! I love this time of year, don’t you? To celebrate, some of the siggy makers at have got together and made a great FREE scrap train for all you wonderful scrappers/siggy makers out there. So check it out, enjoy the kits and leave them all (and me lol) lots of great comments. This is also my first ever kit!! So I am really excited to be sharing w/ you guys.

Here is my part:

You get:
12 patterned papers and 17 Elements!!
4 frames
2 maple leaf stickers
2 chipboard arrows
1 nameplate
2 paper clips
1 word art [Autumn]
1 word tab [Autumn 2008]
1 tag
1 maple leaf sticker line
3 doodles

Download HERE

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Hey guys and welcome to Krissy Jo Designs! It’s not big and it’s not popular yet – but if you guys stick with me and are patient, we can make it great 🙂 You will see a variety of digital scrap freebies here (as well as some custom made signatures -FREE!). So like I said, welcome and enjoy it. If you have any questions, comments OR suggestions (I love them!!) please feel free to email me anytime.